PLOT TWIST? “90% that Messi will STAY at Barcelona for one ‘Last Dance”

Lionel Messi interview to Rac1

“Yesterday @arevalo_martin in @presionalta explained that in a 90% Messi will stay at Barcelona after the Jorge Messi/Bartomeu meeting. And that Messi will take a definite decision today.” — Words of: @GuillemBalague

“By the way the same TV channel (@TyCSports) broke the story of Messi telling the club he wanted to leave The rumour is that their source is excellent.”

“The meeting went as expected. FCB insisted he could only go for €700m and Barto said he didn’t want him to go and won’t negotiate an exit. Offered again a two year renewal with the possibility of leaving at the end of every year. Jorge Messi asked to leave FCB for free.”

“Rodrigo Messi (brother) and lawyer Jorge Pecourt went for Messi too. Bartomeu and football director Bordas, for FCB. No lawyer for club as they see it as a football problem.”

“If BOTH insist on same idea, next ‘logical’ step would be for Messi to ask FIFA a provisional transfer (which he would get) and FCB to report him (and next club) to FIFA plus start a civil court with unsure conclusion as a judge would determine the transfer fee at some point.”

#MCFC have always said they wouldn’t get involved if there is a court case. And that if the transfer fee is €100m they couldn’t pay for him. Add €110m wages gross a year for two seasons, have a look at their yearly income and wage budget and the numbers don’t add up for City.”

“Jorge Messi had been told in certain terms that City will try till the end, more determined than the rest of clubs interested. PSG have said they would try. Juve and Inter see it as an impossibility if court case and transfer fee are included.”

Still many questions to answer

“Why didn’t Leo apply the 10th of June clause on time? That is the big mystery and I refuse to believe that his team forgot about it. @Marcotti suggested something which makes sense. By that date, City were still banned in Europe.”

“Jorge Messi will talk to Leo today and they will both decide next steps. No point in guessing what happens next, don’t you think? Messi has had time to imagine going abroad, the implications of a court case and now he will have to think what staying feels like.”

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