The Barca songs – Time to learn (With English Subtitles)

barca songs

The experience of going to a Barca match is much better when you know the songs! In this post I will share the best songs, including lyrics! If you’re about to go to a match, make sure you learn all the songs here. Although some are pretty difficult for a non- Catalan speaker, others are pretty easy. Therefore I am sure that you are capable of learning those songs.

The Anthem of Barca

No need for unnecessary introductions, the thing most identified with Barca fans at the beginning and end of the game. Hint: The fact that you scream at the end of it “Barca, Barca, Barca” doesn’t mean you know it.


Tot el camp

és un clam

som la gent blaugrana

Tant se val d’on venim

si del sud o del nord

ara estem d’acord, ara estem d’acord,

una bandera ens agermana.

Blaugrana al vent

un crit valent

tenim un nom el sap tothom:

Barça, Barça, Baaarça!

Jugadors, seguidors,

tots units fem força.

Son molt anys plens d’afanys,

son molts gols que hem cridat

i s’ha demostrat, i s’ha demostrat,

que mai ningú no ens podrà tòrcer.

Blaugrana al vent

un crit valent

tenim un nom el sap tothom:

Barça, Barça, Baaarça!

Un dia de partit (Allez allez allez)

Although this is a song that many fans around the world sing, Barca fans over their version for this song. However, many fans are familiar with the Liverpool version of this song, that is originally from Italy.

Un dia de partit
a Gol Nord vaig anar
només entrar a la grada
em vaig enamorar
El cor em bategava
no em preguntis per què
del Barça soc supporter
sempre t’animaré
ale ale ale (x4)


In a day of a match, I’m going to Gul Nord (the northern gate). Just got into the stands and I fall in love. The heart is beating, don’t ask me why I am a Barca fan I will always encourage you…

O le le, O la la, ser del Barça és el millor que hi ha

A short and easy song, but one that the Barca fans really love. Don’t be surprised if in one match you’ll hear it 4-5 times. However, it’s a fun song to sing, and easy to learn, so there’s no surprise there.

The translation: ” O le le, O la la Being a Barca fan is the best in the world.”

I si tots animem

I si tots animem
l si tots animem
I si tots animem


If we all cheer, If we all cheer, and if we all cheer We will win



Neix el club que porto al cor

Blaugrana són els colors

Futbol Club Barcelona.

Le, le, le, le-le-le,

lo, lo, lo, lo-lo-lo,

le, le, le, le-le-le

Futbol Club Barcelona


1899, the club that I carry in my hart is heart is born, Blaugrana are the colors, Football Club Barcelona.

Oeeeee oe Barça oe

A very simple song for learning, and when everyone sings it together with the Scarves, it’s huge.

Hi ha una grada que viu per tú

Hi ha una grada que viu per tu,
que no deixa mai d’animar,
Futbol Club Barcelonaaaa.


In the stands we live for you, Never stop cheering, eeeeooo, Football Club Barcelona

Cantico Leo Messi

Si intentas compararlo en evidencia quedarás
se regatea a todos justo antes de marcar
oooh Leo Messi, D10S del futbol…marca un gol!


If you try to compare him (to someone else) you will make fun of yourself. He would dribble everyone just before he scored. Oooo Leo Messi, the god of football…. score a Goal!

Adelante Barca


Adelante Barça

te sigo a todas partes yo te quiero

vamos a dar la vuelta a todo el mundo

hay que ponerle un poco más de huevos más de huevos y eso

que dice la gente que somos

borrachos vagos delincuentes no les

hago caso estoy acostumbrado…

hay que vivir estos tiempos dorados!


Barca, forward I follow you everywhere,

I love you We will expel them all You have to work harder,

try harder And what people say That we are drunk,

nomads, criminals I’m not referring to them I’ve been used to …

You have to live these golden moments!

Think of other Barca songs? please share with us and we’ll update this article. Barcelona fans keep updating the songs all the time so return before every trip in order to catch the latest Barca songs!

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