Official news: Victor Valdes is fired. How did it all go wrong?

victor valdes

It’s official: After a 2.5 months spell at Barça, Victor Valdes is sacked. But how the relationship between the club legend and the board went bad so quickly? TikitakaxBarca with the explanations.

It hadn’t been easy for Victor Valdes. He had been appointed, and Kluivert came at the same time in the Catalan capital for their comebacks; if they never liked each other, the relations between both Barça Legends would become worse day by day.

And it hadn’t been for his results. We all know how our board currently chases for results rather than aesthetic wins with our identity..but that wasn’t the reason why 37 years old Victor Valdés got sacked. No, alas it’s way worse. Victor Valdes has been appointed following Bartomeu’s policy of bringing heavy name back : Abidal, Kluivert, Puyol..if the latter one ended up declining, the first two accepted..and so did Valdés.

Not a ‘Yes Man’

As a GK, Valdés was known to have a certain character, and in a certain way a certain stubbornness. And that’s what caused him to be fired. If his new ideas wouldn’t be welcomed, it wasn’t that only problem. Valdés would employ a 3-4-3 formation for the Juvenil A rather than the traditional 4-3-3 Barça setup. He’d priorities fast transitions over calm and possesion play. Something that wasn’t welcome by the new la Masia director, Patrick Kluivert.

Furthermore, Victor’s behaviour would only worsen the situation: Ilaix Moriba, one of the hottest prospects, would complain over the lack of playing time. Moreover he went on to have clashes with the employers. He wouldn’t cooperate with the other trainers, as he would be the only one to miss the dinner with the other coaches.

Juvenil B coach, Franc Artiga, will take over the Juvenil A. He knows the team well, having coached at Barcelona since 2010, and suits us better. Valdés’s Sack IS better for himself, our youngsters and the club.

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