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For every Barca fan out there, to travel to Barcelona  is a Must-do thing. However, most of the guides out there are concentrating on the city itself, and not the football. Although Barcelona is one of the best locations in the world for a trip, as a Barcelona  fan there some things you need to do. This guide is here to spread the words for you Barca fans who reach the city, and for everyone else basically. You can find specific information on how to reach the Camp Nou, where to eat, where to party. Moreoner, in this guide we will also post recommendations in which hotels are best for you. Another important information on this section is the songs Barca fans sing in the stadium. It's important to get to the match with full knowledge. You don't want to be in a match and don't know that to sing with everybody, right? Not only for first Barca travel Did you already go to a Barca match? I think you will also find this guide useful. I with I could use it when I first went to Barcelona. Although Barcelona is a magnificent city to be in, first time travelers might go to "travellers traps". We're here to make sure you will get the best out of you stay in this amazing city. So, nothing to do now but read the different articles and catch a flight to Barcelona! Feel free to send us your recomendations after traveling to Barcelona, and we'll add the best here.

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