The Ronald Koeman option : Cruyffista or Valverde 2.0?

Ronald Koeman to Barcelona?

After a few years Valverde became Barça manager, most of the fans aren’t too keen on him staying- criticized for his “boring style“. Rumours are rising he would end his spell in 2020-and the main candidate: Ronald Koeman. Koeman was himself a player at Barça, as a defender.

He played under the Cruyff Philosophy back then. Yet, he does have experience as a manager; If he coached Ajax & and Valencia, his most famous spells as a manager were at Southampton, Everton & currently at the Dutch NT.

His tactics?

He usually uses a 4-3-3 however he is flexible to use a 4-2-3-1 or a 3-4-3 formation depending on his opponent; We’ll look at the 4-3-3 as he’d probably use that formation if he were to come at Barça.

Koeman usually likes to have his CB’s keeping a high defensive lines when there are good defenders (VVD, De Ligt). He usually wants them to be involved in the buildup, while encourages them to play long balls. Just as VVD does it at LFC.
The FB’s are expected to be wide attacking, yet Koeman doesn’t want them to be involved too much in the buildup-Reason why he doesn’t like introverted FB’s like Jordi Alba

His mid is something I dislike tho. He loves to have a CDM, one to cover the ground & help defensively. Additionally, another Midfielder that usually is between a CM & AM-implying his midfield isn’t as attacking as Barça’s should be.

His forwards set up are the most interesting,especially his wingers. If you observe them, you see the RW will be somebody that will cut in centrally, often dropping deep. However, his LW is rather like Villa: cut also in centrally, often will be a second striker. The striker in itself can be variable: At Everton he used Lukaku as a poacher. Yet with the Dutch NT he has often used a False 9 – which I’d like to see at Barça again.

In short, what would change in our tactics: *More vertical Passes rather linear
*Players not as attached as they currently are to their positions rn
*More chances for the youth (Todibo, Aleña)
*institution of MSD & MGD

I believe he’ll be more of a barça than Valverde. However I don’t like his approach to inverted FB’s and his midfield isn’t attacking enough in my opinion.

This is an opinion article by TikitakaxBarca. Do you want to see Ronald Koeman in Barcelona? Write your opinion on the comment section below.

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