The odd situation of Ivan Rakitić this season

Ivan Rakitić

We all know Ivan Rakitić. he had lots of playtime last season, yet this season he is only used a little. But why? bu TikitakaxBarca.

Last year, everything was different. Arthur wasn’t ready physically, FDJ wasn’t there and therefore Valverde’s tactics absolutely different. Rakitić had suited his system a lot, his tactics was a dream for Raki.

Yet the darkest days for Raki are right now. Rumours had said he’d leave yet he didn’t want to: High wages and has been important for the Blaugranas since his arrival. He had been warned he’d get less playtime with FDJ’s arrive-yet he didn’t believe FDJ was coming for his position. Arthur is a beast, leaving no place for Rakitić.

What now? Rumours are saying he’d leave in the winter, last opportunities to sell him for a normal price-hes over his 30’s now. Furthermore La Masia had loads of player knocking on the door : Aleña, Collado, Puig.

His lack of press resistance is another reason why, a profile quite untypical at Barça. He has complained quite a lot of times, yet without the result he wished : getting playtime. He went on to say he wants playtimes instead of “going in the beaches”, and yes, he has to be removed.

His future is certainly not in Barcelona, whether he likes that or not. Therefore he will most probably be sold in the winter or next summer.

What do you think will happen with Ivan Rakitić? Is his time at Barcelona over? Write your opinion in the comment section below.

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