What causes The bad form of Coutinho?

The bad form of Coutinho

A year has passed since Philippe Coutinho arrived to Barca. The Brazilian, who became the most expensive transfer in Barca’s history, came as the replacement of Andres Iniesta. However, coach Valverde almost never play him in the midfield. In recent weeks, the Brazilian has not been playing well, so we ask what causes the bad form of Coutinho?

The current bad form of Coutinho

Recent reports suggests that Valverde and Coutinho has scheduled a meeting in order to solve what is causing the bad form of Coutinho. In addition, in the Post match interview after the win against Girona, Valverde praised the Brazilian.

A year ago, the club paid 160 Million euros (includes bonuses) for the footballer. He had an impossible job of replacing club’s legend Andres Iniesta. But, after a year, Coutinho is yet to secure his role in the squad. In addition, the club concern that besides the positional problem, Coutinho also has a ‘feeling’ problem.

Tactical problem

Philippe Coutinho came to Barcelona last January, while Iniesta still played for our team. However, because of Coutinho’s versatility, Valverde played with him in other positions.

In 16 games he started last season, the Brazilian played 5 games in the right wing, 6 in the Iniesta role, and 5 games as a left winger. In the most important clashes, Coutinho played in his less favourite position – right winger.R

Is Coutinho replacing Iniesta?

After Iniesta left to Japan, it looked like Coutinho is going to settle in his role. Therefore, when this season began, Valverde played with Coutinho as a left interior. In the matches against Valladolid, Huesca, Leganes, and PSV, Coutinho played in the midfield. However, after the loss 2-1 against Leganes, Valverde never started with the Brazilian in the midfield.

However, after the Leganes match, in nine league games which he started, Coutinho played as a left winger. In addition, he also played as a winger in five Champions League games, and in the cup against Levante. However, In the winger position, there are also Messi, and also Dembele. The young Frenchman restored his confidence after a dodgy start of the season, and he’s on fire.

restored his confidence after a dodgy start of the season, and he’s on fire.

The concerns within the club’s board 

Within the club there are voices that concern with the fact that Valverde never tries Coutinho in the position that he signed for. Coutinho, as a midfielder, might help the team with their way of playing possession football. In addition, Barca’s DNA is that the best way to defend is to have the ball. Therefore, Coutinho should help with achieving that.

Right now, Coutinho is not smiling. Last week, after a home win, he was the first to leave the pitch without greeting the players and the fans. We hope that the meeting scheduled for Valverde and Coutinho will boost the Brazilian’s confidence, and make us forget the current bad form of Coutinho.

Right now, it seems that the Brazilian lacks confidence. It’s always surprising to see such a big star lose his rhythm. But, let’s not forget that every player is a human being first. Coutinho is able to do great things for this club. It’s up to the squad, the board and mainly the coach to help him with that. Having an on-form Coutinho is a must for our squad, that wants to win everything this season.

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