The impossible ‘Remontada’

The impossible 'Remontada'

Today marks two years to the Spectacular 'Remontada' of Fc Barcelona, A big day in the clubs history

There are days that are impossible to avoid, because they mark a change in your life. And this date: March 8th, 2017, is one of those days. In this date, Barca managed to the impossible with a comeback that no one has managed to do in the history of the UCL. The impossible ‘Remontada’, the 6-1 result, will always stay in our minds. Sarah gives us her memories, originally in Spanish.

Without a doubt, two years later, the emotions and the happiness we feel about this game makes you think this match happened yesterday. That special feeling are so strong because in that night all the limits broke, and coach Luis Enrique and his guys proves that the word “impossible” does not exist.

Scoring 3 goals in the final 7 minutes in order to advance to the next phase in the biggest continental competition does seem impossible to achieve. But, Barca marked a new defintion to the term “impossible”, because in that night, even the biggest optimists couldn’t imagine a better final.

How the impossible ‘Remontada’ started

Those 90 minutes of football passed like it was a movie, and not a tension movie, but a horror one. Every pass, every play, every corner lifted the adrenaline of the crowd, that bite their nails more than ever. However, in the night that was supposed to mark the glory of PSG, at the final marked one of the most remembered nights in football’s history.

Everything started with a goal by Luis Suares in less than three minutes after the start of the game. After that, Andres Iniesta “assisted” Kurzawa who scored an own goal. But, most of us were getting optimistic few minutes after the break, when Messi scored the third goal on penalty. Three goals ahead after 50 minutes of playing. The fans started to believe, because now we only had to score one more goal in order to make it even. In addition to the players, the fans made a lot of noise, and shouted: “Yes we can, Yes we can”. But then, when everybody were able to see light in the end of the tunnel, came the most frightening part of the film: the goal of PSG.

The goal of Edinson Cavani was a disaster for Barcelona. It felt like a person who row and row, but dies before reaching the shore. Therefore, Barca now had to score three more goals in less than 30 minutes. It felt impossible, inconceivable. The impossible ‘Remontada’ seemed impossible for real. However, in the middle of the darkness, a light of hope appeared: Neymar.

The Brazilian took the game on his back. Little by little, he was the leader of what felt like a mountain climb. However, at the 97th minute, Neymar scored the forth, and the fifth goal at the beginning of the extra minutes.

The ending of the movie


Even in 900 pages of classical literature there would be no adjectives to describe what happens next. The public, the coaching staff and the medical staff of Barcelona stood with their hands on their faces. They were focused in the last minutes that they could hear their own beats. The nerves reached an inexplicable level. The nerves reached an inexplicable level. Although there were only three minutes left for the final whistle, still missing a goal to score. But, there was something in the air, a feeling that predicted the team was going to get it.

The clock marked the 94th minute and at that moment, everything was silent. Could Barça score the sixth? So many nerves that no one had the strength to say a single word. Total silence in the stadium. But, in all uncertainty, the light of hope shone again: Neymar. The Brazilian hung a center in the area and a Sergi Roberto, who entered the game in the second half. Sergi stretched with the ability of an athlete to reach with his right foot and sign the impossible ‘Remontada‘.

After the final whistle

The bench assaulted the field, even the protagonists of the story did not give credit to what they had just achieved, while the cries of thousands of people became one on the Camp Nou sky. And like the teacher of that symphony, Lionel Messi approached the edge of his pulpit, the place where he always makes art, to celebrate right in front of his faithful.

The shirts of the culés: hoarse and torn. The faces: wet with joyUndoubtedly any culé, who was there that night or even those who could not or even those who did not believe, would pay to live again the impossible ‘Remontada’ . A souvenir to take to the grave.

Many times I have thought about all the events of the last decades, how the grandparents lived experiences and epic moments, as their stories still captivate us today. I find it more than disturbing to think about what mine will be, how I will excite my grandchildren, thanks to Barça, thanks to the eleven who were in the field that night I have the best epic, dressed in Blaugrana.


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