OFFICIAL : Coutinho moves to Aston Villa permanently

The move that started with a loan move in January, now becomes a transfer. Aston Villa and FC Barcelona reached an agreement for Philippe Coutinho, and the Brazilian is no longer a Barça player.

Coutinho is still the most expensive signing in Barça’s history. However, since his move back in 2018, the Brazilian never really adapt to the life in Barcelona.

Since his arrival to Aston Villa, it looks like the midfielder is happier. And for that we must be happy for him as well.

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A move that started in a sin

In case that you don’t remember, Coutinho’s move to Barcelona was one of those ‘Bad Karma‘ moves that the former board made. Cou forced his move, and eventually Liverpool sold him to Barcelona. However, with the money from that transfer, Liverpool brought Alisson and Van Dijk, and an empire was born.

In Barcelona, Coutinho was a symbol of the bad business that turned Barcelona into a club in financial troubles that has to make panic moves in the market.

It’s fair to say that Coutinho is probably our worst transfer ever. But it’s not his fault.

Coutinho forced his move because he wanted to make it in Barcelona. The club saw him as a replacement for Iniesta, and he wanted to play for Barça. So we should admire his ambition.

However, people will also remember his goal celebration vs Manchester United, and of course his brace against us while on loan at Bayern.

A Win-Win Move

Aston Villa had an option to buy Coutinho for 40m Euros, and according to reports other teams also were prepared to pay that amount. However, it looks like Coutinho found a home under Steven Gerard in Aston Villa. Therefore, the club and the player decided to be more flexible in the negotiations.

According to the reports, Aston Villa will pay around 20m Euros, and Barça will receive 50% of future sale.

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