Unpopular Opinion : Us Barça fans need to calm down

Following any setback, fans are always quick to draw conclusions. Inevitably, some people are heavily criticised. The draw against Atlético Madrid was no exception, as it has pulled us even further away from the league title. But honestly… Calm down fellow Barça fans…

First of all, one needs to ask himself: Do we deserve the LaLiga title? No; that’s the only answer. As much as I would love Barça to lift the trophy, Real Madrid have arguably been better this term, especially given the extraordinary amount of injuries they had to deal with. Though a club like Barça shouldn’t have any transitional seasons, this is one of those occasions where the sole aim was to improve and get some younger players involved.

Criticism towards the youngsters

Another thing that I never understood is the criticism that the youngsters receive. Mingueza didn’t have a great game, nor did Dest, Pedri or Ilaix Moriba. That’s down to many factors. Fatigue, minor injury or anything else can affect their performance, and that’s normal. The fact that they get the preference over other players isn’t their problem, and yet they’re the ones who are attacked by the fanbase. There are many reasons to keep calm Barça world.

If Ronald Koeman stays in charge for next season, there won’t be any excuses. Yet for now, it’s better to stay patient. This has been a mental season full of highs and lows, yet the most important thing is that we HAVE improved. Though the possibility is still there, winning LaLiga would perhaps be too much of a miracle.

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