Match Report : Barcelona and Levante finish in a 3-3 draw

Same old Barcelona vs Levante last night. 2-0 up at half time, 3-3 at the final whistle; name a more Barça-esque thing to do since 2018. At last, the LaLiga title looks far away and completely out of reach, and we are the only ones to blame for it.

The first half was, as per usual, pretty solid. Barça displayed great rhythm and determination, and their efforts were rewarded as Leo Messi opened the scoring with a lovely volley. Pedri doubled the visitors’ lead with a tap-in, making amends for his missed opportunity earlier on. Going into the second half, there was a feeling that nothing would disturb the azulgrana.

Second Half

However, things would go badly wrong in the second half. Despite having a two-goal advantage, Barça lost all sense of confidence as the hosts piled on the pressure from the get-go.

The intent and desire was long gone, and Levante were merciless. With two goals in two minutes, including a scintillating volley from Morales, the two sides were back on level terms. Ousmane Dembélé provided the solution a couple of minutes later, yet Barça didn’t deserve to win, and justice prevailed with seven minutes to go.

There’s honestly no point going through each player’s performance. When such disasters occur, it suggests that everyone played his part in it. The blame is on our shoulders for allowing Levante to have more clear chances than Barcelona, though los Granotes also deserve credit for their aggressive approach. 

Another day, another setback in the title race. A game that was screaming for intensity was approached in lazy and static fashion. Nevertheless, it’s not over, we belie… who am I kidding.. When the players don’t believe themselves, there’s no point in doing so for the supporters either.

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