Reactions : Barcelona wins the though challenge at Villarreal

This was arguably the toughest challenge of Barcelona in the final stretch of the league season after the Atletico Madrid match, so it was never going to be an easy match, but it could’ve been a lot harder.

Main Points

Dest was fantastic, incredible how he never hides or stops trying after making mistakes. Certainly has his flaws like losing the ball too much, but if the end product is great it doesn’t matter. A shame he was subbed out at the start of the second half.

Griezmann was rightfully the man of the match. Stepped up with a wonderful chip for the equalizer and was smart to capitalize on a mistake to bag his second, his year has been underrated among us fans, even if he does make some unforgivable misses now and then.

Frenkie De Jong’s level this year is worthy of the world’s best midfielders. He’s everywhere playing two or three different positions at the same time and doing all of them at the highest level. He’s one of my favorite footballers for sure.

Noticed how Illaix Moriba covers for Alba when the left back goes forward? Kid is smart beyond his years.

Pau Torres would be a fine centre back signing for Barcelona this summer. But no money for that as I’m sure everyone’s tired of hearing.

Pedri looks dead tired, he needs rest urgently. You can clearly see he’s struggling physically and mentally, he’s almost played every match for the club in such a tight season. Messi also looked tired, but it was more of a matter of being heavily marked.

You already know what I think of Sergi Roberto, but damn, how did this guy play three hundred matches wearing a Barcelona shirt?! He’s still living off that PSG goal.

Koeman managed the second half very poorly, especially after Barcelona was in numerical advantage. Subbing on a fourth centre back for Busquets was inexplicable.

No matter, a win to be celebrated! Six more finals.

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