Koeman : has he earned another season after our 1st trophy since 2019?

What a rollercoaster of a season it’s been. From Barça’s worst league start in years, we’ve gone on to win a trophy in a campaign where that didn’t seem probable. In La Liga, too, we’ve got it all to play for. As the top 3 is separated by just 2 points. If you ask me, the 20/21 season has been a success given the chaos surrounding the club recently. Ronald Koeman brought a very specific playing style to the team. Whether you like it or not, it provided the fans with some thrilling nights. Though not so obsessed with possession and more conservative, Koeman has united the team. Gradually, the results have improved, and we are now in contention to win the domestic double in this transitional year.

It’s not the playing style that has made that much a difference, though. Ronald Koeman has filled the players with confidence and desire. From the veterans to the youngsters, everyone has worked really hard throughout the campaign, and the team’s efforts have been rewarded. Few people are capable of bringing back the determination and aggression to a team that has been on the receiving end of three consecutive humiliating defeats on the big stage. Koeman has done it.

I’m not an advocate of the way we have often played under Ronald Koeman. Nevertheless, there’s no doubt that he has earned it. What he has done is absolutely remarkable.

How Koeman and the players won the game

Despite the score being 0-0 by the end of the first 45 minutes, one did get the feeling that the opener was just a matter of time. Barcelona managed to crowd the midfield so much that even Marcelino Toral’s low and narrow block couldn’t cope with our ball control in the centre of the park. The flanks were also extremely busy, as the interiors or forwards would often move to the respective wing.

The second half got off to a fiery start, as the blaugrana came close on several occasions, yet Unai Simon stood strong in goal. In the end, it was a brilliant cross from de Jong that was met by Antoine Griezmann that gave Barça the lead. From then on, there was no stopping them. 12 minutes after Griezmann scored the opener, the score was already 4-0, as Koeman’s side finally put every detail together.

There’s absolutely no point trying to single anyone out, as this was a collective victory. Though all 4 goals were created by Frenkie, Leo, Antoine and Alba, everyone performed wonderfully, and that’s why the Copa del Rey trophy was so well deserved. Ronald Koeman has finally earned his first trophy as Barça’s coach. And he is the one that has brought us to where we are.

Our run in the cup has been one to remember. From two difficult wins against Cornella and Rayo, to a breathtaking 5-3 against Granada and a thrilling comeback versus Sevilla. We deserve the trophy more than anyone else, and justice has prevailed.


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