Messi staying beyond 2021 depends on the elections

Approaching the 2021 elections, at Barça they don’t want to turn the Messi case into a public debate. Bartomeu will apparently not make any appearance in this regard as per @LluisFlaquer. Furthermore, no members of the Barça board has reacted to Messi’s statements as per @marca. Messi accused Bartomeu, but the president will not answer him to reduce the tension as per @Jordigil.

There are no messages of support for Lionel Messi from his teammates. This has surprised and hurt Leo Messi as per @OndaCero_es.

The elections will affect Messi’s situation

Leo Messi’s interview increases the collection of signatures for motion of Censure. Laporta joined the motion of censure. The promoters of the vote saw how the effect of Messi’s statements favored them in their work as per @acaradeperro.

The influx of Socis to the signature collection points skyrocketed yesterday and it is worth as an example that former president Joan Laporta contributed his signature personally.

Messi will listen to the next president to decide if he continues at FC Barcelona beyond 2021. Messi will also assess the offers He receives from other clubs as of January 1 2021 as per @Jordigil@sport.

Xavi’s possible arrival can change Lionel Messi’s mind. He always welcomed the arrival of Xavi Hernández.

Coach Xavi enjoys his first few months in his new career

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