What it takes for a Wonderkid to become great and not fail

a wonderkid can turn into a 'bojan' or 'messi'

Today, we are going to see what does it take for a Wonderkid to live up to his expectations. We have all seen the story, a kid, preferably a teen, performing notably well in youth level gets overhyped. Unwanted and unwarranted media attention to the teenager gets the fans overjoyed. He gets a nice hefty senior contract with the first team, and essentially high expectations and the tag “Wonderkid”.⠀

From here, there are only two outcomes. The teen becomes a well-established player despite the pressure. Or he crumbles to being forgotten by the world in two years. The second case is the most prevalent these days as people profile players as “wonder kids” and “generational talents” pretty quickly. The former route is why this post is for and what must a player to do.⠀

I. Mental Strength

If a player wants to succeed in this modern world, he needs to set his mind to tackle all pressure and criticism. Yes, there will be insurmountable pressure to perform at a high level from the very beginning. But, ignoring the media and fans, and keeping a steady head helps in growing as a player.⠀

II. Fitness

Untimely and prevalent injuries have destroyed a lot of promising careers in football. So, it is exceedingly crucial to maintain a fitness routine and a proper diet. The club must take care of the player and give him personalised instructions. The manager should manage his game time so as not to damage any tender tissues or muscles.

III. Attitude

One of the most frustrating problems about today’s youth is their ungroundable attitude. With a little ounce of fame and media attention, they act like the world is at their feet and slowly lose the plot. The interest to learn more and accomplish more must come from within, which makes great players.

IV. Hard work

Working hard to achieve one’s goal is the ultimate trick to obtain anything. Players get slammed with the title of natural talent, but without their effort, they wouldn’t be where they are now.

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