The Miralem Pjanic ‘Boomerang’ – A lose – lose situation?

Remember the Arthur-Pjanic deal a year ago? Remember how the the only reason the board of Bartomeu did that swap deal was to balance the books? Just like he did with the contact renewals and other transfer, Barto sold the club’s future for short term quiet. But in the end of the day, he did not get the short term silence, and now Laporta has to fix his long term damage. Miralem Pjanic is a big problem for Barça right now, financially speaking, and the only solution might be loaning him out.

Like every business, a football club needs to have balance in its accounts, and every year is a new report. When you sell, the income inserts the books is one time. When you buy? The money you spent is divided by the length of the contract. Therefore, selling Arthur last year meant a one-time income of 70m Euros. However, buying Miralem Pjanic meant 60m divided to 4 years of contract. This means one thing – Getting anything less than 45m for him would mean a loss in the books. And with the current financial situation, you just can’t write another loss like that.

There is a similar situation with Griezmann for example. Selling Griezmann would be hard unless there is a massive offer for him.

Thinking outside the box

So Miralem Pjanic doesn’t want to stay under Koeman, and Barça can’t sell him. So there are pretty much 2 available options right now: A Swap deal or loaning him out.

A swap deal can be relevant if the other team can offer someone interesting. For example, recent rumors suggest that Allegri wants Pjanic back to his Juventus. Another swap deal to balance the books of both Juventus and Barça? It can happen. But who would the team from Torino offer? They can offer players like Rabiot or Bentancour. And no, De Ligt is NOT an option right now. So the option of a loan deal makes more sense right now.

Loaning Miralem Pjanic for 2 years would save his big salary, and would avoid “losing money” on him. So it makes sense. That way Juventus will get back a player they love, and Barça will not have to keep an unhappy player just to avoid losses. Hopefully it would be a win-win situation for all sides.


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