Dembele arrived for 135 million euros from Borussia Dortmund in 2017 after having a good 1 season with them. Dembele since has been injury prone to say the least. Excluding this season ( 2020- 2021 ), Ousmane Dembele played 51 games while starting only a mere 32  games. That’s less than a full 1 la liga seasons games in 3 seasons.  This season thought things have panned out differently. This season alone Dembele played 30 games while starting 19. The problem arises in 3 different parts: Injuries, Wages/Contract, Transfer.

But before we go processing how Dembele situation is getting  somewhat out of control, Let’s see how Dembele played in all his  seasons with Barcelona (including La liga , Copa del Rey, Champions  league):


  • 30 Goals
  • 21 Assists

In 118 appearances (As per transferMarkt) that takes Dembele’s G/A  tally too 51 G/A. Furthermore, Dembele earns reportedly 12 million euros (230k Euros per week). Now looking at Barcelona’s ever high 110% budget going towards wage bill situation, Barcelona is looking to  offload some players to lighten the wage bill.

It has been reported a lot that Laporta likes Dembele and would like  to renew his contract which is to end in 2022.  

Last week it was reported widely in the Spanish media that Dembele  wants a wage increase after the season. Laporta least likely to give  Dembele a wage increase as he is already earning a fortune. Thought  to say the reports are true is very difficult as contradictory reports  are flying around these days.


Dembele has been cursed by injuries ever since the lad took the drive  to Barcelona he has only played 118 out of a possible 220. That  makes Dembele injured for more than 86 games. Now this season  however Dembele has put the injuries behind him and played quite a  fair a lot. Dembele’s injury curse has not vanished so it will always be  a risk with Dembele but a risk Laporta is willing to take?


If Dembele and the Barcelona board fail to reach an agreement it is  believed that Barcelona will look to offload Dembele for somewhat 

around 50-60 million euros, It is to be seen which club actually pays  that price looking at the shortcomings of Dembele due to injuries.

Recent reports claimed Dembele has a pre contract with Juventus. But reports like those are total waste and fake they have no prominence  and are only fillers for articles when there is no news. DON’T FALL  FOR FAKE NEWS CULES. 

My Opinion

Dembele is a great player with great qualities. He still has his peak career ahead of him but Barcelona’s slim finances makes it really  tough. The priority remains to extend his contract. But if Dembélé is to demand a wage increase or fails to accept the proposal from Barcelona, the club will likely sell or include him in a favourable swap deal. If he doesn’t agree to that, he will sit in the stands for the entire  season.

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