Squad Status : The Right Back Position of Barcelona 2021/22

Barcelona are going to through a fascinating yet monstrous job in the summer window with departures and arrival of  players. In this particular article we will look at a very intriguing position the right back dilemma of Barcelona. We have been suffering to find the right candidate to take over the right back spot since Dani alves departed from the club due to the management of Barcelona at that particular time (Bartomeu), After years of scouting we finally have 2-3 right backs in our team or do we?

The situation is in itself a game the minds for the management on whom to sell or loan out due to there being 3 clear players to compete for the spot. The players are:

  • Sergi Roberto (29)
  • Sergino Dest (20)
  • Emerson royal (21)

Let us have a short analyses on the players and their season (2020-2021).

Sergino Dest

The American joining from Ajax at the age of 19 for 30 million euros has been impressive and has shown some maturity. This season Sergino Dest’s stats look something like this:

  • 30 matches played in which Dest started 23 of them, an average of 64 minutes.
  • 5 clean sheets
  • 0.3 interception per game
  • 0.1 key passes every game
  • 1 big chance created
  • Possession won in the final 3rd was 0.4%
  • 1 successful dribble per game
  • 2 Goals 
  • 1 assist
  • 1 yellow card

All round a really good debut season as a 20 year old debutant for the best club in the world.

Sergi Roberto

After having an injury prone season Sergi Roberto really failed to make any impact whatsoever whenever he came on to the field the rhythm was broken. Overall a poor season 3 G/A and awful stats.

Emerson royal

A loanie for Real Betis turned into a different player this season. With the ‘Verdiblancos’ he had a fairly good season on the right flank.

  • 1 goal
  • 4 assists
  • 12 clean sheets
  • 1.8 interception per game
  • 2.7 tackles per game
  • 0.3 % possession won in the final third
  • 1.0 key passes
  • 5 big chances created

The Sergi Roberto Renew/transfer dilemma

Sergi Roberto has been/was offered a year extension with Barcelona 1 month ago with a pay cut. However, Sergi Roberto did not agree with the terms set by Barca. He wanted a 2 year extension to his contract ending in 2022. Now after the signing of Emerson Barcelona are seriously considering to sell/swap Roberto to free up the wage bill as the player turns 30 next year. There is also quite a lot of Interest from the likes of Premier league giants and winners Manchester city, their coach and ex-coach of Barcelona Pep Guardiola really likes the player. Moreover, if sold there are high chances it might turn into a swap deal. (Check out the news section or our Twitter for latest coverage)

Emerson Royal and the rumors

There have been quite a lot of rumors about Emerson. Few of them being Emerson leaving Barcelona for inter Milan as a replacement for Hakimi if Hakimi decides to depart to Chelsea/psg. Other news stating that Emerson will be given a contract extension till 2026.

So what’s all this? Well a clear answer is Emerson wants to stay a Barcelona count on the Brazilian as he is a great player with enormous potential to succeed in a club like Barcelona.

Another factor being any sales money we get from Emerson 50% of it will go Real Betis which is a huge loss to Barcelona. In fact, next season or the upcoming season if he fails to perform for Barcelona we can sell the player. Then we will only have to give 25-30% of the sale money we get to Betis.

We get to a conclusion that one of the latter players (Emerson, Roberto) will be either sold or loaned to get game time. Barcelona under Ronald Koeman can’t distribute same amount of game time to every player on the right back spot. Therefore, its highly likely that Roberto gets sold due to his out large wages and age. Emerson is young and has space to grow + the 50% sale problem. 

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