Gerard Piqué to the rescue – But injured again

In a moment when all hope was about to be lost, we needed someone who could save us. Someone who would fight for the badge till the final whistle and would give absolutely everything to get us to the Copa del Rey final. And who else would it be if not Gerard Piqué?

We all know how attached Gerard Piqué is to Barça. Having grown up at La Masia, he loves the club more than anything. A defender that is ready to put his body on the line in order to save the day. Geri is a genuine leader, doing everything in his hands for the club. And once again, Piqué showed what he’s made of against Sevilla. He became our striker like he always does when he’s needed to. In the end, it was him to score our second in the 94th minute, sending us into extra time and, eventually, the final.

Let’s not forget that he has only just come back from an ACL tear which, at his age, usually suggests that the player’s career is over. Piqué miraculously returned before the PSG game, less than 3 months after suffering the injury. You could see he wasn’t 100% fit, nor is he now. Yet he wanted to help the team, and nothing would stop him.

On Wednesday, he was once again in pain during the final minutes of the game. Knowing how badly the team needed him, he continued on. Proof that Gerard Piqué is a true leader and that nothing beats his love for Barça. That pain has unfortunately led to a sprain in his knee and rules him out for the Osasuna and, possibly, PSG game.

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