(Updating) Elections Day : Tonight FC Barcelona will have new president

Who will be the new FC Barcelona president?


As we all know, today is the elections day! Font, Laporta and Freixa will know by tonight who will lead the club in these difficult times. Stay tuned as we will update this page all day, from 9am CET (Voting starts) until the announcement in around 23:30 CET.

In the meantime, you can read the full translation of the last debate between the candidates. It was very interesting.


Election day starts NOW! The Socios of FC Barcelona will start the vote, and the by tonight FC Barcelona will have a new president.

Election day begins at the Camp Nou and the six territorial headquarters in Catalonia and Andorra. Moreover, more than 20,000 socios already cast their votes by mail.

Among the presidential candidates Joan Laporta will be the first to vote (10am CET). Afterwards, Toni Freixa (10:45am CET) and Victor Font (11:30am CET) will vote.

10:00 – Joan Laporta arrives

Former president Joan Laporta just voted.

All votes, including the 20000+ votes which arrived by mail, will be counted after polls close at 21:00 CET. Confirmed By: @gerardromero.

10:30 – Garcia Pimienta and Victor Font

Victor Font just arrived to cast his vote.

Carles Tusquets, the transition president, arrived as well to cast his vote. He’s the main responsible for the delay in these elections. However, before arriving to vote, he said that he thinks this isn’t the most important election ever.

10:45 – Freixa arrives

Toni Freixa also arrived to cast his vote. Although he barely made the cut to become a candidate, he got stronger since. It’s fair to say that he’s the voice of the older socios and the power media outlets. However, him becoming a president is like staying with the Bartomeu-Rosell regime.

Meanwhile, journalists asked Joan laporta it the first thing he would do if he wins is to call Jorge Messi tomorrow? Joan Laporta answered: “I’ll talk to him today, the night is long.”

11:30 – Messi votes for the first time ever!

Lionel Messi, Busquets, Alba, Roberto and Puig made it to the venue. It is the first time that Lionel Messi has casted his vote in a Barcelona presidential election.

Meanwhile, Sandro Rosell has arrived and he has been greeted by Carles Tusquets.

12:00 – More than 31K votes so far

More than 9000 votes since this morning. However, adding them to the 22,973 votes that arrived by mail, we can count 31,454 votes by 12:00 CET. However, there are many hours left to vote.

13:00 – Luis Enrique is here

Elections day is always a festive day when you can see some of our heroes from a close range. But it depends on when you arrive. If you could be in Barcelona today, you could see the candidates in the morning, and then some of our great players.

Now it’s time for some familiar faces, like club legend Luis Enrique, who came to vote!

Other faces that we saw today are Bojan Krkic, and Barcelona B player Roger Riera. He was in a rush to vote, like his coach, few hours before their game.

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