Opinion : Carlos Tusquets is the one to blame for postponing the elctions

You had one job, Carlos Tusquets. Literally, there’s nothing the man had to do other than to organise the presidential elections as soon as possible. Yet here we are. Halfway through January, and the elections have been postponed till at least the 7th of March.

As things stand, we could well see the elections take place around May, pretty much when Bartomeu was meant to resign. Tusquets has done the dirty business, and Barça will now have to suffer for much longer. Had the elections been scheduled for a month earlier, there would have been no issue whatsoever. Yet now they’ve achieved what they needed. COVID-19 has struck once more in Catalunya, and with many socis belonging to groups at risk, the elections have been postponed.

No activity in the transfer market and no project for another 8+ weeks. Bear in mind that these next few months (from now to April) would have been tough either way in terms of the fixtures coming up, so the current situation does not help at all. Even during his short stint at the club, Carles Tusquets has managed to keep Sandro Rossell and Josep Maria Bartomeu’s legacy going.

It’s nothing new, yet it’s still astonishing how there are so many people trying to ruin the club from within. For a man like Tusquets, 2 months is more than enough to do even more damage. However, he might still do everything he can in order that the elections are postponed till even further. Rossell, Bartomeu, now Carlos Tusquets. What a trident..

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