The dark Bartomeu era finally ends, as he resigns

bartomeu officially resigns

The moment many of us Culers wanted to see finally arrived, and Bartomeu finally resigns. It wasn’t easy, but as we advanced earlier, he had no other option. As many board members already resigned, he had no other option but leave. Therefore, the moment that Bartomeu resigns is happening after 5 years at the office. Moreover, it’s no surprise that many fans feel very happy today.

As we covered all day long, this moment arrived after Bartomeu and the board did anything to remain at the office. At first, they tried to postpone the vote of no confidence in 15 days. Why is that? Because every day that they remain at the office is a day that they can act to balance the books.

Didn’t manage to finish his work

As we already said at the past, according to the club structure, every board are responsible for the club’s financial status. That means that if the next board will receive the club with losses, they can ask the former board to pay the losses from their own pockets. Bartomeu and his board did everything possible to prevent that situation. That’s why he did stuff like renewing the contracts of the players. Pique, De Jong, Ter Stegen and Lenglet did cut their salary for this year. However, in next years they will receive more money. That means a player like Pique might get a higher salary in the age of 37 than he receives now. But that’s the problem of the next board, right?

So after a decade full of scandals around the Rosell – Bartomeu era, it’s finally over as the President resigns. In the near future a transition board will take control of the club until new elections will take place.

When will that happen? According to the club rules, it should take place in 40-90 days. Stay tuned as we’ll update everything in the near future.

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