The injury of Ansu Fati might keep him out for longer time

the recovery of ansu fati isn't going well

Really upsetting news: Ansu Fati could be out for far more than expected. The teenager underwent a second knee surgery a couple of weeks ago due to his recovery not going as well as expected. What’s worse, a third surgery on his meniscus is on the cards.

Poor Ansu.. He’s had to go through it all over again. One cannot even imagine the feelings of an 18-year-old in such a situation. His recovery was rumored to have been going well, yet it seems like it stalled as soon as the intensity increased. Ansu Fati decided to keep the second surgery secret, which it had remained until today. 

There is no question that his second attempt to recover should be perfectly planned for the player exclusively. Physically and biologically, Ansu is still growing, which means that his muscles, joints and bones operate differently and very unpredictably.

We have missed Ansu during those three months of his absence. His link-up play, intelligence and finishing have been missed a lot. However, that is not what matters at this point. Ansu is a player who we shall rely on for at least 15 years. At 18, he was our best player before his injury, his talent and potential have no limit. It would be a crime if we rushed the process, as that could lead to a relapse.

And speaking of injury relapses, Sergi Roberto has suffered a second consecutive blow to his thigh, having just returned to the starting XI. Sergi is just as crucial to this team. His reliability, positional awareness and versatility have been vital. It’s a real shame that both these players are losing that much time. In any case, we will need patience, but it will be rewarded when both of them are back.

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