Reflections on the current situation of FC Barcelona

There may be a new coach and a whole new generation of youngsters in this side, yet the scars and wounds from the previous three disasters are still there. Everyone has gone through the remontadas that have gone against us and that seems to prevent us from performing.

It may seem controversial, but there should be no scapegoat within the team at the moment. Every single player that we have is there because he has shown his worth. All those mistakes have not just suddenly become an issue because the players or coaching staff are bad, it’s something totally different. Our squad wasn’t inferior to PSG’s, there are other factors that affect us.

The horrendous club management is what has literally destroyed everything at the club. All the money pouring away from us, a lack of faith in any coach’s project and some utterly stupid decisions that have been made, all those have led to what we have seen in the past few years. The destruction is so huge that it’s almost beyond repair.

What I’m trying to say is that we will have to stick by the next board and president (unless it’s Toni Freixa) and its decisions as well as the staff. The damage that has been done suggests the matter will be time-consuming, so patience is key. Trust the process.

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