Opinion: Lionel Messi looks more and more annoyed with Barça

messi red card

Lionel Messi is done with this. It cannot be hidden from anyone. Maybe he won’t leave, but he’s annoyed by the situation. He wants to win yet he only suffers with this team. 

There’s no excuse for what Leo did to Villalibre. It was violent conduct and a very naive way to leave your side with a man down when they needed a goal. This is unacceptable for anyone, let alone the captain. Messi’s got the experience to avoid those situations, yet he was baited this time. It’s a clear red, no doubt.

That’s not the concern, the concern is the context: that’s not normal Lionel Messi. Despite all the disappointment, Leo has never reacted like that. What could that mean? He’s lost all of his patience. There’s none of it left in the tank. As much as Leo loves Barça, there aren’t many years left in his career and he wants to win, because that is his nature. Barcelona cannot offer him many trophies (one may as well remove the ‘m’), and he’s not happy about it. You could clearly see the anger, the frustration. He knew what he had done was naughty, but he couldn’t hold back his emotions.

As Messi has said himself, there’s no happiness at Barça at the moment. Will there be any of it soon? With the elections being postponed and the whole chaos going on, probably not. I doubt Leo Messi will leave, but we can all see it coming.

Reactions to the Red Card

Today, @DeportesCuatro said that Lionel Messi apologised to everyone in the dressing room following yesterday’s match for his mistake and bad performance. He was very sad.

As per multiple reports, Barcelona will file a protest and challenge the red card shown to Lionel Messi in an attempt to reduce the sanction.

Lionel Messi is most likely to be handed a 2-game suspension. He will miss the matches against Cornellà in the Copa del Rey and Elche. Therefore, Leo should be back for Barcelona’s La Liga match against Athletic Bilbao at the Camp Nou.

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