What now? Will Luis Suarez stay in Barcelona after all?

It seems like the current board wants to make all the possible mistakes before it’s gone. Although they promised a “revolution”, we’re just few days before the first league match, there is no revolution. However, yesterday it seemed like we’re advancing. Semedo and Vidal look like they are pretty much out, and Luis Suarez was on his way to Atletico. But then came “President” Bartomeu and said that he doesn’t want the Uruguayan to move to a direct rival for free.

According to the reports, in the agreement between Suarez and Barcelona there are few teams that he can’t move to for free. In that list you can find Real Madrid, PSG and others. Atletico wasn’t on that list. However, Bartomeu just did what Bartomeu knows best, and tried to change the agreement in the last minute. Apparently he asked Atletico to pay for the transfer of Suarez.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I think that paying our legend to move to a direct rival is a big mistake. It’s even worse than the deal of David Villa few years ago. But it’s just another weird move from our board, just another day in our history.

First they say that Semedo is intransferable, then selling him. First they tell Riqui that they want him out, and then he stays. Furthermore, they told Messi that he earned the right to leave when he wants, and then forcing him to stay. And now they’re forcing Luis Suarez out, but trying to get money for him in the last minute.

Let’s say that if Bartomeu would tell me that it’s a sunny day in August, I would take an umbrella just in case.

What would Atletico do?

According to the recent reports, Atletico wants to announce new striker ASAP. Moreover, their striker Alvaro Morata already moved on loan to Juventus. They have other options, like Cavani. So it won’t surprise me it they will break the negotiations with Suarez.

In that case chances are that he will stay next season. Let’s see what will be the next move. But with Barcelona and the current board, it’s not over until it’s over.

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