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The Messi problem

According to @xavitorresll, Leo Messi does not want to continue at Barcelona. However, he says that it is as evident as that his departure will certainly be complicate. Beyond the emptiness caused by sentimental issues, no one would understand a goodbye that did not leave money in the box despite the fact that Josep Maria Bartomeu has promised otherwise many times. And this is the problem: the word of the president.

The boss of FC Barcelona – that 121-year-old club that was a world reference very recently – has so much pain in the club’s belly that he cannot speak to Messi. His word is worth so little that the best player in history has decided not to listen to it.

11 days have passed since Bayern’s humiliation and there is only one culprit, Quique Setién, curiously, the last to arrive. The other victim, Eric Abidal. Bartomeu told Koeman that he did not want to know the content of the conversation he had had with Messi.

Bartomeu doesn’t want to know what Leo thinks? Messi thinks the time has come to leave. But does Bartomeu really not want to know what he has told his new coach. Again, however, nothing happens. The roller begun to move and it is already known that it is used to being relentless. From the 1st chapter of the nuñista manual: Pointing out the player. At the same time that the president becomes invisible.

The culprit is the one who wants to leave and not the one who has caused the departure. As if changing city, club and customs were not an inconvenience for someone who is the captain of the team and the greatest legend in the history of the entity and. Moreover, who has his children happily rooted in Catalonia.

More on that very soon…

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