Luis Suarez – The Master Of Complicated Goals

Luis Suarez Barcelona (1)

Luis Suarez: ‘El Pistolero’..’El Luisito’..Messi’s best him like you want. Written by TikiTakaxBarca.

Our number 9. Only ours. He came from Liverpool in 14-15, for a sum of 80 millions. A great prospect, however in the 2014 WC he’d get a ban because of his incident with Chiellini. But Luis with Barça is another story. He’d shine directly, and eventually create a special bond : The MSN. If neymar is gone, Luis and Leo have stayed in the Catalan capital.

If he had a very good start with the Blaugrana’s, Luis Suarez would decline season by season. He’d score less goals, as the #9 wouldn’t be as quick as he used to, causing him to not score goals he should be scoring. His lowpoint, as you all know, came last season ; He barely scored in the champions league and in the league, he’d miss over 20 chances created by his friend, Lionel Messi.

He’d divide the culés: Those that started to hate him and wanted Suarez out, and those who still wanted him because of his killer instinct.

But the Uruguayan striker wouldn’t give up. He wouldn’t. He’d bear the hate fhat he’d get. Griezzman came in. But he wanted the spot. He’d first be injured, and right after score a brace.

But after that, dark time. Disappearing against Dortmund, as well as against weak opponents in La Liga, especially with Griezzmann as LW. Yet, Luisito made sure to end that. Score against Inter. Score a BYCICLE kick yesterday. He’s not finished. If he’s not the same, he does the job : Score goals.

Ladies and gentlemen, ‘El Pistolero’ is back, and there’s nothing you can do about it!

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