The Neymar Clause that will allow his return – True or not?

neymar contract clause?

The summer transfer window already closed, and Neymar didn’t return to Barca. However, there are already media reports that say Neymar will return to Barca next summer. Moreover, they say that Neymar will have a release clause of 170M Euros. Is it really true? Blaugranagram with the analysis:

Okay, I’ve done some digging. The protection period which would help Neymar does exist. It’s part of the “Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players”:


“Protect period: a period of three entire seasons or three years, whichever comes first. Furthermore, following the entry into force of a contract, where such contract is concluded prior to the 28th birthday of the professional or two entire seasons or two years, whichever comes first, following the entry into force of a contract, where such contract is concluded after the 28th birthday of the professional”.

And so far, Neymar hasn’t renewed with Paris. Also, he signed the initial contract before turning 28. Therefore, what this essentially means is that once the protect period is up, FIFA will set a clause which will allow the player to leave for a certain sum. This is sort of like a release clause, but for countries where those aren’t used.

Essentially, what outlets are hinting at is that when this period is up, a clause will be enforced by FIFA & that it’d be for a sum of around €170M. We’ll have to wait & see if that’s true, but the protection period definitely exists. I could see Barça going for Ney in July.

So that’s it about the ‘Neymar clause’. Will FIFA really determine the price of the Brazilian? Will Barca still want him at that sum next summer? We’ll see in the future.

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