Griezmann: “Barça builds a team like a cheat code in a video game”

Just few days after his signing, Antoine Griezmann spoke with ‘marca’ about his first days with the team. @barcacentre translated the interview from Spanish.

First days in Barcelona

“It is going well, very good. With a lot of stress, a lot of pressure to achieve everything. I wanted to finish my vacation and start this new challenge.

The truth is that the dressing room have received me very well: players, coaches and doctors and, for the moment, I am enjoying and hopefully I can get confidence soon to speak, be myself and enjoy.

I went for dinner with Jordi Alba the other day and these things help me feel good and become confident in the group.”

Feelings when the move was finalised

“Well, I called my father and I started to cry with happiness because I was there, everything was done. I was with my friends, my wife and my children and it was an incredible moment.”

Finding a place in the current squad of Barça

Barcelona are building a team like a cheat code in a video game: Luis Suárez, Messi, Dembélé, Frenkie de Jong… We have a good team, great players and then it’s the boss that has to decide who plays.

Who will I be sharing a room with or spending most time with during the tour of Japan? I do not know if there will be individual rooms, but I will spend lots of time playing PES or Football Manager with Dembélé, although I prefer to play on my own in my room.

Yes, it will be amazing to play with Messi. I am excited to see what he is like day to day, what he is like in training.”

Neymar? And some other topics

“Neymar’s signing would be madness? It makes it even more difficult for the boss and it is more competitive in the group. However he is a great player. I know him a bit and we will see what happens.”

“Never scored at the Camp Nou? Yes, that is true, it has always been hard for me at the Camp Nou. Now we will see if I achieve it with this shirt on.”

“Eight goals against Real Madrid? It is not bad… I am sure that the fans will value it highly here. Eight? I had no idea.” (laughs)

Special celebration prepared?

“Yes, I have one prepared. We will see if it all goes well, but first I have to score.

Is it like the Fortnite dance? I don’t know. I’m always asked to do it when people take photos with me. But, we have moved on to something else.”

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