The Barca connection with Ajax

Barca connection with Ajax

Barcelona and Ajax exploring a collaboration link between them. They understand football in similar ways, and the Barca connection with Ajax goes a long way. During the final stages of negotiating a deal for Frenkie de Jong, the idea arose of exploring an official collaboration between the two teams.

According to ‘Sport‘, the idea of the collaboration is that Barça will have priority to sign players that come through at Ajax. while they will enjoy loans from Barcelona which will help them greatly in the Dutch league. Therefore, the possible Barca connection with Ajax should be a win win situation for both sides.

However, there is no agreement for now, and possibly there won’t be a formal one. But, it’s true that Barca already has a long term connection with Ajax. This connection increased since former Barca and Ajax players took high roles in the Dutch clubs. So the good relationship between the clubs is already there.

This possible Barca formal connection with Ajax will probably not make Ajax the grass roots for Barca. It’s because Ajax are too big for that. The best way to make that connection work would be if great talents that are too good for Barca B, will go there. For example, Riqui Puig would have great time there. We can only wish fora player like him to play in Europe and not Segunda B.

Ajax started buying big money players, and they make good profit for their products. They don’t want to become a place for Barca’s youngsters. However, big Barca talents would do great there. And on the other hand, Barca will have first option for the big big talents Ajax tend to grow.

This connection might be a big profitable move for both clubs, but it may also fail. We will have to wait and see that will happen there.

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