Barca fixtures April 2019: Reaching “the peak” of the season

Barca fixtures April 2019 Reaching the peak of the season

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After the win against Espanyol on Saturday, Barca continue with their terrific 2019 so far. Barca are at the top of the table in the league, with 10 points ahead of the second. In addition, the team reached the Quarter Finals of the UCL, and the final the the Copa Del Rey. However, let’s not forget that Barca is yet to achieve anything this season. In addition, with Luis Suarez, Dembele and Messi not at their best shape physically, we should be careful. However, like every season, anything but winning everything will be a disappointment. Let’s see how the Barca fixtures will look like in April:

02/04/2019: Villarreal-Barcelona

Barca fixtures in April will start with Villarreal away from home in a midweek match. Although Villarreal close to the relegation zone, playing at their home is always tough. However, considering the next matches, Barca might have to rotate in this game. Therefore, this should be a hard match, and we hope for a win.

06/04/2019: Barcelona-Atletico Madrid

Between the fixtures of Barca this month, the home match against Atletico can be a match to almost secure the league. However, Atletico are always tough to handle, and the league is the only trophy remained for him. Therefore, this is one of the toughest matches Barca has to face so far this season. It can be a match to secure the title, but it can be a match to open up the league. We can hope for a win, which is the best case before Manchester United. Buy tickets

10/04/2019: Manchester United-Barcelona

After Three years of losing at the quarter finals, Barca will try to reach the semis. The opposition is Manchester United. Therefore, Valverde will try and go with all the power he can at Old Trafford, with a wish to get the best result possible. However, Man Utd are at great form after replacing Mourinho. Let’s hope their good form will end against Barca.

13/04/2019: Huesca-Barcelona

Arguably the easiest fixture between the two clashes against Man Utd. However, I can only assume that Barca will rotate in this game, and it will be tough in an away match. In addition, Huesca are fighting against the relegation, so they will do what they can to try and win at home. Therefore, let’s hope Barca won’t play with less power than needed in this match.

16/04/2019: Barcelona-Manchester United

The second leg of the quarter finals will be big. The way Barca will play at the first leg will determine how they reach the second leg. Will we need a ‘Remontada’? will we rotate after a big away win? Time will tell. Buy tickets.

20/04/2019: Barcelona-Real Sociedad

Barca will face Real Sociedad in a home match against the tough Basque team. Although it’s not a very good season for “Errealla”, Real Sociedad is always a tough opponent. In addition, Barca might come to this match tired, so it won’t be an easy task to win. However, it also depends how Barca will finish the quarter finals agains Man Utd. Therefore, will they come happy and festive, or crushed after the elimintation? We’ll take the first option. Buy tickets.

23/04/2019: Alaves-Barcelona

We hope that by that match Barca will be on the verge of being the official winners of this league. Alaves is having one of the best seasons of their history, and they might even challenge the forth spot in order to reach to the UCL. Therefore, Barca might face a difficult away match against a team with everything to play for.

27/04/2019: Barcelona-Levante

Will Barca come to this as Champions? Will they rotate this game in order to get some rest before the semis? We sure hope so. The last match of April can be a game for the protocol for the already champions. However, in the case of everything going wrong, Barca might have to go all the way against Levante. Buy tickets.

The month of April will be a “Make or break” for sure. At the end of the month we will know if Barca are on the verge of achieving everything, some or marking a disaster of a season. It really comes down to this. Let’s hope for the best.

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