Nunez, our former president, passed away

Today we say goodbye to the former president of our club, Josep Lluis Nunez, aged 87 years old. Núñez oversaw one of the club’s most successful times and has been Barça’s most successful president in terms of winning trophies. During his 22 years of presidency, Barça’s four teams (Football, Handball, Basketball and Roller Hockey) gained a total of 176 trophies. 29 in men football, 1 in women football. In addition, we won 35 trophies in basketball, 3 in futsal, 64 handball trophies, and 43 hockey trophies.

Nunez presidential era

Nunez gave the club a solid economical base and increased the club’s wealth. The club built the Mini Estadi in 1982, and opened the FC Barcelona Museum in 1984. In addition, the board in his time established and opened La Masia.

In an article written for ‘MD‘, former Barca legend Carles Rexach said Nunez changed the concept of football. However, aside from trophies winning, Nunez changed the concept of the president in Barca. Before him, Barca president had a more symbolic job. But it was Nunez who changed the position of the president, for one of a company leader.

The phrase “Mes que un club” – More than a club, is reffered to Núñez. In his era not only La masia was born, but also the establishing of Barca as an empire in other sections and not only football. In the Nunez era, the Barca basketball team won their first European trophy in 1985.  The handball Barca team became an empire in his era, and won many many trophies. In his last year, 1999, Barca won the for possible trophies domestic and international.

Nunez had legal problems, that even got him time in jail in the last years. But, we will remember him as the president he was. The most successful president, for the longest time. In addition, and a man who gave everything to make Barca a great club. May he rest in peace.



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