The truth about the Lewandowski to Barça rumors

The ‘Xavineta’ keeps on moving and we are in the final stages of the season. Although the odds to win La Liga are pretty slim, there are still many things to play for. But one thing that’s already changing is the atmosphere around the club. Xavi took the team in the lowest possible point, and now Barça are arguably the the hottest team in Europe. Moreover, we currently hold the longest period without losing a game – 15 games in a row. However, it’s important to look ahead for possible signings. It’s no secret that Barça are monitoring the market for a new striker. And you can’t find someone better than Robert Lewandowski.

The Polish striker is having a fine season, scoring 47 goals in 41 matches. Moreover, as a former ‘Pep Team’ player, Lewandowski should be comfortable playing in the Barça style. But how did we get to the point where Lewandowski to Barça is even an option?

How did we get here?

In recent weeks we had 2 exclusive updates that are related to Robert Lewandowski. First it was during my interview with Toni Juanmarti. Few days later, we got a confirmation from Matteo Moretto that Lewandowski is open to the possibility of playing for Barça.

The truth is that right now ‘Lewa’ isn’t happy in Munich. With his contract set to expire in the summer of 2023, he might look for a new challenge. Moreover, the negotiations between him and the team from Bavaria isn’t going well right now.

Last night Oliver Kahn said that Lewandowski didn’t ask to leave, and that there’s no way they will give up on their best striker next season. However, I know for a fact that it’s not the case.

The relationship between Bayern and Lewa’s agent, Pini Zahavi, is tense for a while. It started with David Alaba leaving for free last summer.

In the end of the day, if the negotiations between both sides won’t be successful, Bayern will have to choose between selling him in the summer, or let him see out his contract. And that’s where Barcelona are hoping to enter the scene.

Lewandowski wanted to play in Spain for years, so that might be his last opportunity to do this in his career.

The Barça side of the story

One thing is clear: For now there have been no negotiation between Barça and Bayern for Lewandowski. That’s why any report that involves a possible transfer fee is irrelevant. Moreover, the relationship between the 2 clubs isn’t very good for a while. Therefore, Barça don’t want to make it worse by forcing the Germans to sell their best player.

For Xavi and Barça, getting Lewandowski can be a good market opportunity. You just don’t say no to the possibility to add the best striker in the world to your team. However, Bayern are not an easy club to negotiate with, so that might be a long ride.

His age? Won’t be a problem. Physically, he’s built really well, so the club sees that he has at least 2-3 more years in his prime. Although he didn’t play outside Germany, it’s fair to say that getting Lewa to your team will get you at least 30 more goals.

However, the club knows that the salary that he asks for is very big. However, it’s nothing close to the salary that someone like Haaland asks for, according to reports.

Other options in the market?

In my opinion, the only options for the striker position right now are Haaland and Lewandowski. If the club would fail to sign any of the two, I don’t see them go for another striker.

I was very optimistic about signing Haaland ever since Laporta took over. I think that was his ‘all in’ action, and I saw it happen. No wonder the meeting with Raiola and his father last year got ‘leaked’. Moreover, the fake rumors about Donnarouma (Raiola’s player) last summer helped him get a better deal at PSG. And links to other players of Raiola like Mazraoui gave me the Zlatan-Maxwell vibes.

However, it looks like something has changed. The team is doing really well, and Laporta might think that he doesn’t need a ‘Ronaldinho’, because he has something much more stable – Xavi. So why spend hundreds of Euros on a striker that will play 3-4 years at the club?

The fact that Mazraoui went from being ‘Almost done’ to ‘almost given up’ is only making me feel like this is the direction right now. The club did offer Haaland something that is reportedly a lot less than other teams. But of course I would be happy in the Norwegian will prefer the project of Barça over money.

Names like Darwin Nunez, Isak or Adeyemi are mentioned a lot in the media. However, I don’t see any of them arrive this summer.

Bottom line

The club is monitoring the market for a new striker and we all know that. Auba is doing great, and Ferran can also play up front. However, I really want to see Ansu Fati back to his best shape. That would be better than any possible signing.

My gut feeling is telling me that Dembele will renew his contract and we won’t sign any of ‘Lewa’ or Haaland. But expect many twists and turns in the next weeks.

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