Match Points : FC Barcelona reach 4th place after a massive win vs Atleti

Well, I’m not going to act like It wasn’t a stressful last 30 minutes to this game. But in the end of the day, massive win for Xavi’s boys. And more importantly – The win vs Atleti means that FC Barcelona are in the top 4 in the league. This is the first time Barcelona are ahead of Atleti, and in UCL spot since the first games of the season. And that’s why we should be so proud of this team!

In my postmatch points, I will of course start with the positive takes from the game.

Good Points

  • For the first time in 2 years I think, Barça wins vs an elite coach. Xavi managed to kill the game for Simeone. But it was also important to see Barcelona manage to keep the lead vs Atleti with 10 men. A massive performance, and a great achievement for Barça. Keep it up!
  • Dani Alves with a ‘Man of the match’ performance, until he got the red card. A goal and an assist for the Brazilian veteran, who did really well at his redebut in the Camp Nou.
  • Adama Traore did just what we can expect from him, and did it really well. Great dribbles, played wide, assisted a goal. Great perfornce for the La Masia graduate.
  • Gavi did really well as a false left winger. It gave Alba the space he needed, and added Gavi as another player who can help dominating the game. A goal was the reward for a job well done by our Gem
  • The fans were amazing in this game, and it really helped our players. Moreover, the booing of Dembele was in place, and I was happy that we didn’t need him to play.

Bad Points

  • Once again, the performance in the second half wasn’t as good as the first half. Of course the red card didn’t help. But the team lost the control over the game even before the red card.
  • I wanted the club to pay a tribute to Luis Suarez tonight, and it didn’t happen.

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