Shocking : Former La Masia Legend Albert Benaiges a Sex Offender?

Tonight, @AlbertLlimos (ARA) published this shocking story: Around sixty witnesses report about abuses and harassment of children by the former Barcelona football coordinator, Albert Benaiges at the Barcelona academy. A complaint has already been filed and more are expected in the coming days.

He allegedly masturbated next to 13-year-olds, watched porn movies. However, at Barça it is not clear that Benaiges committed any abuse during the 20 years he was there. Benaiges admits that he would not do such things again that he did in those years, but defends that he has not harmed anyone.

Albert Benaiges was part of La Masia for decades, until the Bartomeu board fired him. He was one of the most known faces there. Working with players like Andres Iniesta, Leo Messi and others made him one of the best names in youth football. Therefore, most of the candidates in the elections wanted him back at the club.

Eventually, Albert Benaiges returned to the club after Joan Laporta won the elections. However, few days ago we heard about him leaving the club for ‘Personal Reasons’. We were hoping that it wasn’t for a medical condition or anything like that. At first they said that no replacement will arrive. But it seems like another La Masia legend, Joan Vila, will return to the club.

However, now we all know why Albert Benaiges left the club, and it doesn’t look good at all.

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