Dani Alves is Back! Why are we so happy about that?

The official announcement is finally here.. Dani Alves is once again a FC Barcelona player! The 38 years old legend comes as a free transfer, and will start plying with the team from January 2022. For 5 years the club looked for the Dani Alves replacement, and now we decided to sign Alves himself. Personally, I love the Brazilian legend, and I think that this is really a win-win situation for all parties.

The Brazilian is far from his prime, so we don’t need to expect him to start every match. Moreover, his last club was Sao Paolo, a team that plays in a weaker league. However, when fit, Alves is still a Brazilian NT player, and he won the Olympic Gold Medal just few months ago.

A Guardian of the ‘Barcelonismo’

With the arrival of Xavi as the new coach, he spoke about the need to bring back the ‘Barcelonismo’ – the winning mentality of FC Barcelona. For that, you need players with a winning mentality around you to pick you up when you’re down. And who’s has a better winning mentality than the player that won most trophies in the history of football?

Like Xavi, Dani Alves is a true winner, and this is one of his best qualities in his career. I can imagine him motivating the youngsters in tough moments. And that’s always great to have.

No Financial Risk

As per reports, Dani Alves will play for very little money. Some reports talked about 1 Euro. But honestly I can’t see La Liga approving it. I believe that the contract will be close to the one Aritz Aduriz signed in his last year for Athletic Bilbao – Around 180K annual salary.

That means that even if Dani Alves will be bad and won’t play, there won’t be any risk financially. The Brazilian will leave in the end of the season, the clause for another year will not be used, and everything is fine.

Bottom line

Great signing for FC Barcelona. Dani will add value to our squad, on and off the pitch. Moreover, it will be great to use his leadership in order to help the youngsters grow. Some of them were very little when he signed for Barcelona.

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