OPINION : What did we learn from the unveiling of coach Xavi?

A new era started today : The ‘Coach Xavi Era’ started in an emotional presentation. It was a really special day for us culers, and it was hard not to feel the excitement in the air. Moreover, I think that I wasn’t so emotional in the presentation of a ‘New Signing’ since Ronaldinho in 2003. That’s a very long time. And can you blame us? It was a long time since this club gave us a good reason to feel those special vibes. It really feels like a new era begins, and I think that us fans are not ilusional that everything will instantly become perfect. However, we can expect things to be different, and the healing process starts today.

With all the big words and the excitement in the air, it was hard to understand what will happen now. But there are some things that we can understand from the first day of Xavi as the coach of FC Barcelona.

The ‘Barcelonismo’ Is Back

It’s not like we’re going to win the Champions League this year, and the league is also an almost impossible task. However, having someone like Xavi as the coach means a lot more enthusiasm to the fans. It was no surprise that we saw the fans chant and sing better than the last few games. They felt genuinely excited, and hopefully this excitement will continue in the next matches.

Xavi spoke about how he wants to restore the excitement to FC Barcelona. And what a great way to start would be the Derby vs Espanyol.

Physical Preparations Will Be The Key

It’s no secret the the team is in a very bad shape. Xavi will get to his first training session tomorrow with 21 absent players. 11 of them are on international duty, but 10 players are out with injuries. Moreover, so far this season, 15 players suffered injuries – some of them even got injured more than once. Considering that we’re only in the start of November – these numbers are nothing short of shocking.

Xavi already started to make fast changes in the fitness and medical departments. This is only the beginning of a fundamental change that we can expect to happen ever since President Laporta discovered that the team trains a lot less than other teams.

Ever since Valverde took the job, the players started to train a lot less. Valverde was a friend of the players and they loved him. But the team failed miserably when faced other elite teams, that were a lot more prepared. Setien started to make changes, but the team didn’t believe in him. However, the team believed in Koeman, who is a club legend. But according to players that left the club, like Firpo, Pjanic and Konrad – All of them felt in a really bad shape in their new teams.

Unlike the last coaches, Xavi didn’t say ‘Cruyff Cruyff Cruyff’ in the press conference. However, we all know that he’s a big believer of the Cruyff way. But even he knows that in order to play ‘Total Football’ – you have to be in a much much better shape. So I really like how he approached the press conference differently. Moreover, we know that the players will listen to him.

New Players Will Arrive

According to the recent reports, Xavi will be part of the decision making of the technical staff. That means that he will cooperate fully with Alemany, Planas and others. That’s a very good idea in my opinion, as we can expect new faces to come. Although the club lacks in the financial aspect, there are opportunities in the market.

One of them might be Dani Alves, who is a club legend and a free transfer. Theoretically, he can sign tomorrow. Laporta even talked about him offering his help. But it will be Xavi and the technical staff who will make the decision. If someone would ask me, I would take him in a heartbeat. Yeah he’s old and not as fast as he was, but he can be a great asset mentally, and his experience will help the ‘Dream Teen’ develop.

No ’11 de Gala’, Many Formations

Welcome to modern football. I just loved hearing that today, as it’s time. Ever since I can remember, Barcelona always had that ‘Once de Gala’ – which was the starting 11 that was set in stone when everyone is fit. It happened with good coaches like Pep and Lucho too. Mourinho even spoke about it in 2011 iconic ‘Clasico’ semi finals of the UCL, where he said the starting lineup of Barcelona in the prematch press conference.

Well, these days are long gone. But not for Barcelona apperanly. However, Xavi will change that, and will prepare the team with different formations, different positions, and different lineups – depends on the weaknesses of the opponent. That will make FC Barcelona a lot less predictable, and it’s a very good idea.

Bottom Line

One thing already happened today – Coach Xavi already managed to restore the excitement for us Culers. Now, it’s time to prepare the team for the rest of the season. Like Xavi said – Barcelona can’t draw and can’t lose any match right now.

Good Luck and Força Barça

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