First day at the office : The 10 rules of Xavi to restore the ‘order’ to Barça

Today, @fansjavimiguel reports the ‘new order’ by Xavi, as the new coach started coaching today. There are certain rules that from now on will be governed within the Blaugrana dressing room.

The players must arrive hour and a half before training

The goal is to have proper time to prepare for training sessions. Moreover, to be able to have some individual talks.

Staff members must arrive 2 hours before training

The aim would be to prepare everything to start the session when the players start to arrive.

The players eat at the Ciutat Esportiva

The players of the first team will eat lunch in the dining room of the Blaugrana facilities. This way they will be supervised under the parameters set by the club’s nutritionists. A correct diet can prevent injuries and improve physical preparation.

Fines are instituted

The truth that footballers are professional enough to know what they have and what they don’t have to do can work in ideal scenario. But in real life it is more complicated. Xavi wants to establish a rules like Guardiola did which ended up bearing fruit.

Exponential sanctions

The fines will be fixed with a geometric rhythm and not an arithmetic one. That means that, for example, if a player is late for training he would pay the lightest penalty, 100 euros. For the 2nd time, it would be 200. 3rd penaly would be 400 and so on.

48 hours before a game you cannot be home late

When the team is 2 days away from playing a game, it is prohibited to arrive after midnight. It is considered that the player must be aware that he has to arrive at the game in the best possible condition.

Control of extra-sports activities

Footballers can have other activities that are not strictly football. But if these end up affecting their performance, by needing to travel or dedicate many hours, they will have to be supervised by the coaching staff.

Prohibited risk activities

No more seeing a player surfing or riding an electric bike. Furthermore, this type of practice is sanctioned as a very serious offense and would pass to the legal department as it is considered a flagrant breach of the contract.

Good image

Payers are a fundamental part of the club and they have to be the first to set an example. Empathic with fans must be shown and reprehensible attitudes are prohibited. During the trips they must comply with the rules of conduct and encourage Barcelona all times.

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