Maybe we are expecting too much from this team?

Time and again, the fans are overflowing with deceiving anticipations, only to have their hopes thoroughly crushed. Each encounter with the top teams ends up becoming a rude awakening, a punch in the stomach. It seems like the superficial excuses found every time are becoming less relevant every time.

Even when we are on a winning streak, it never is all roses. In this current Barça side, one needs no microscope to detect some fundamental flaws in the team. The calendar, a specific confidence boost or any factor can affect performance, and when it does so in a positive manner, it is crucial to retain the vital objectivity. Results can be, if incorrectly manipulated, very misleading.

What we are witnessing at the moment is the outcome of years of mismanagement and wrongdoings. We are under a new board, in wrecks financially and institutionally and under the guidance of a coach that is only at the club courtesy of the sum that his compensation would cost. However, expecting good results from this side against opponents with star-studded squads, millions of financial backing and a clear project to support their vision is, at the very least, naïve.

Blaming the manager, veterans, recruitment policy or any such factor only manifests a lack of in-depth understanding of the situation. Joan Laporta has only just taken over, and it will take time to instill his vision and employ the right individuals. Until then, we will, barring any extraordinary turn of events, remain incapable of competing at the highest level.

Bottom line

Here is Andrey Arshavin’s response to Russian supporters’ criticism. Those voices were directed towards the players of the national team following their early exit from Euro 2012:

“That we haven’t justified your expectations is not our problem. It’s your problem.”

An iconic quote with timeless relevance. Some food for thought…

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