Ansu Fati gets the Number 10 – Too Much Pressure on the Youngster?

ansu fati injury

Today we got an answer to one of the biggest questions in the last months since Leo left the club. Will anyone wear the mythological #10 in Barcelona this season? A day after the end of the transfer window, Ansu Fati officially became the new number 10 of FC Barcelona! Although many wanted him to get this number, they wanted to wait a little bit with that. With him returning after a tough injury, it might add to the pressure he already must feel. However, he has a chance to prove once again that he can handle such pressure. Personally, I see Ansu as the best candidate to take the number 10 jersey in the long term. However, I see the potential of the pressure being too much for him. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Why don’t we just retire the number 10 shirt?

Heard many people saying that no one should wear the number 10 shirt in Barcelona anymore. However, you can’t retire a shirt in Spain. You see, in La Liga they have a certain rule regarding shirt numbers, that is pretty rare in the football world. All the first team players must wear numbers between 1-25. That’s why you won’t see players with funny numbers in La Liga.

The only players that play with numbers above the 25 number are players who are not part of the first team. That’s why we saw Oscar Mingueza, for example, play with the number 28 last season.

Moreover, the numbers 1,13 and 25 must belong to goalkeepers.

Bottom line us that if we have more than 22 field players in the first-team squad, we must register the number 10.

The Agüero idea

Recent reports suggest that some of the heavyweights in the dressing room tried to convince Aguero to take the number 10 shirt. But Aguero kindly rejected this gesture.

Moreover, Laporta and the coaching staff wanted the number 10 to go to someone from La Masia. And who is the best ambassador of La Masia these days? Ansu Fati of course.

Ansu is almost back

Everything seems ok with Ansu as he returned to full trainings. But, after 10 months out, it will take time for him to gain back his best form. Koeman already spoke about it in a press conference, and he said that the club want Ansu to take his time.

Ansu is a rising star. I expect him to handle the pressure of wearing the number 10 shirt. But first of all we need to see him back on the field. Hopefully we’ll see it happen this month.

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