Leo Messi and FC Barcelona : The End. (?)

The Messi show

Don’t cry because it’s over; smile because it happened. Never did anyone expect Lionel Messi to depart from Barcelona so abruptly and inexplicably unceremoniously, against his own will. Yet here we are: August the 5th, 2021. A tale of 20 years and 11 months has come to its illogical and absurd conclusion. 

It was all meant to go otherwise. This day was meant to be the complete opposite of what it is. Having just arrived in Barcelona to negotiate a renewal, it seemed like no circumstances could prevent an agreement between the two parties being reached. During times so dark for the club, securing the continuity of the Argentinian would have been a massive sporting and economic boost. Yet unforeseen circumstances arose, and Lionel Messi’s 20-year-long relationship with a club the affection and care of which he rewarded with a legacy unparalleled over the entire history of football drew to a close. 

Hard to say goodbye

If there was at least a couple of sentences, even words the fans could use to express their gratitude to Leo, they would all unite to do so. What he has done for Barcelona has never been done before. We were blessed by the divine grace of a man whose gift and hard work will forever remain unequalled. A man whose absence football will forever rue once he retires. He had so much more to offer to Barça. So much that the imagination yields at the sheer thought. And for the club to end it all in such undignified manner leaves a taste the sourness of which may never fade away. 

An unfinished fairytale. Clearly, Leo Messi and Barcelona were about to put pen to paper. It was never in doubt, nor should it have been. However, external or internal, depending on the way you look at them, circumstances have forced Barcelona to cut a relationship so remarkably inseparable short. A premature end to an extraordinary two-decade long bond full of memories. 

With all my heart, thank you, Leo. We were blessed and simultaneously spoilt to have had the pleasure to enjoy your unprecedented genius. Farewell, legend

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