Saúl Ñiguez would be an unnecessary, but welcome addition – Opinion

Ronald Koeman dreamed about a midfielder of his calibre and repertoire for quite some time. He could now finally get one. Despite a subpar couple of seasons, Saúl is bound to improve the team.

Based on his 19/20 and 20/21 campaigns, Saúl does not look like a particularly appealing choice. Especially when Atlético Madrid are getting Antoine Griezmann in return. However, one has to consider the reasons behind his recent downfall. Back in 2017, when he signed that ridiculous 9-year contract extension with los colchoneros, he tied himself down to a club that played an extremely physically exhausting game. It’s obvious that Saúl himself felt tired of that demanding environment. Therefore, that switch that he is looking to make is legitimate.

If he joins a more offensive side like Barça, Saúl Ñiguez is bound to shine. He represents everything that Ronald Koeman has been asking for: the 26-year-old is physically dominant, technically astute, intelligent and versatile. Especially given the lack of proper pressers in our attack, a tireless midfielder like Saúl was a much-needed incorporation. His adjustability will also allow the coach to think outside of the box and opt for unconventional approaches. From whatever perspective, Saúl is a desirable asset that would drastically enhance our midfield and increase our options.

Our midfield has never been in need of strengthening judging by the personnel that we can choose from in that area. Yet whether the coach actually trusts everyone is an open question, which is why Saúl Ñiguez has attracted the attention of the club. Still, handing our direct rivals Antoine Griezmann puts us on the back foot, no matter how big an impact Saúl will have.

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