Finally : Leo Messi wins the Copa America with Argentina

This is one of those days that I’m so grateful that I became a football fan. My family never watched football, but somehow I fell in love with this game, somewhere in the 90’s. And make no mistakes – This wasn’t a fun game to watch at all. But in the end of the day (Or the start of it, depends on where you live) – Leo Messi finally wins the Copa America with the national team of Argentina. After 3 losses in the Copa America finals, and another loss in the WC final – It happened. At the age of 34, Leo Messi lifts the cup and wins a major tournament with his country. After 28 years, Argentina wins the Copa America. And for a big country it’s a very very long wait.

This Copa America wasn’t the first trophy that Messi won the Argentina. But without disrespecting the Olimpic gold medal, and the U20 World Cup – They aren’t the 2 major trophies. But let’s be clear: If you count the Nations league as a national trophy – you should count at least the Olimpics as well.

Like I said, It wasn’t a fun game to watch. I don’t like how football changed in South America. In the 90’s I fell in love with football watching the Copa America. As a Blaugrana, South America always brought us great talents from there. So it was fun for me to watch Rivaldo, Ronaldo, Saviola play in the South American tournaments. Moreover, the Copa America used to have a lot less defensive teams, so it was a lot of fun for me as a young fan to watch the matches.

But sadly, now the South American teams look much more tactical, brutal and defensive.

Barcelona players in the tournament

Leo Messi is of course the MVP of the tournament. He didn’t play very good in the final, and the Argentinean coach revealed that he had some hamstring problems. But now it’s time for him to get his rest. Hopefully his registration and signing of his new contract will work out soon, and we’ll see him joining preseason in a few weeks.

Sergio Aguero didn’t play a lot in the tournament, so he might cut short his vacation. I can see him joining the preseason in like 2 weeks. He’s eager to prove that he can be a valuable asset, and I can see him do well.

Emerson Royal played as a LB in the final 15 minutes. It was interesting to see that, but like Kun, he didn’t play a lot in the tournament. I can see him cutting his vacation as well.

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