Welcome to Barça, Sergio Agüero! What to expect from him?

It’s official! Sergio Agüero joins Barça as a free agent until the end of the 2022/23 season. Out of all the free signings that Barcelona are considering, Sergio Agüero and Eric García are the two no-brainers. Sergio is a quality short-term option that will greatly improve our team. Regardless of whether he will be a starter or not. Despite not being at his best, he is a player that you always trust in front of goal. Comfortable with his back to the target and technically astute, Kun Agüero is a difference-maker. Moreover, he’s a killer when it comes to finishing.

As sad as it was to see Sergio fail to win his first Champions League trophy with Manchester City on Saturday, it may favour Barça. Still without his most desired club trophy, Agüero will certainly be determined to go for it again. All of that without hindering the development of the young centre-forwards in the academy. This looks like a genius move.

I’m so so glad we’ve pulled this off. Agüero is the solution to our inefficiency in front of goal and is bound to improve our squad. Welcome to the club, @kunaguero !!

A legend, but can he still perform?

Sergio Agüero is synonymous with quality. His CV is full of iconic moments: from the iconic ‘Agüerooooooo’, to his 5-goal one-man show against Newcastle and his record-braking brace against Everton, it’s no surprise that Barça were tempted to sign him.

The signing of Sergio was on the cards a decade ago already, when Manchester City snatched the Argentinian. This turned out to be one of the best deals in history, as he justified a heavy 40 million price tag by becoming the team’s highest scoring player of all time by a country mile. Until injuries started to torment him, Agüero was consistently among the best strikers in Europe.

What’s worthy of clarification is that Agüero’s past is no seal of guarantee for Barça. A measly 6 goals during the 20/21 season suggest he might already be past his goalscoring prime. In that regard, it is a risk that Joan Laporta is taking, but we won’t move forward without taking a gamble. What’s certain is that once he’s hit his stride, Sergio will be unstoppable.

Sergio Agüero is the ideal striker for Barcelona and, though his consistency is not a given, someone who will undoubtedly add some quality and that so desperately desired variety in the final third. Big, big upgrade.

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