Shocking : García Pimienta was Sacked from his Barcelona B job

García Pimienta to LEAVE

What is going on now? Some shocking news have just come out of nowhere, suggesting that García Pimienta has been DISMISSED by the club today. Yep, that’s right. The exact person that spent his entire coaching career at Barcelona’s youth ranks. Moreover, he was now among the frontrunners for the first team job. He’ll now leave his spot at the subsidiary for ‘structural’ reasons.

Tall tales and utter nonsense. If there’s any structural change at Barcelona, it should revolve around a coach of Pimienta’s profile. The fact that the perfect coach for Johan Cruyff’s principles of positional play has got the sack is well beyond my understanding. Whatever those structural tweaks are, they are more than concerning since they mean that one of the most highly regarded Barça B coaches in recent times isn’t deemed suitable.

For me, García Pimienta was the best option to take over the first team, and the complete disregard of his candidature suggested there was a lack of faith in him. Tailor-made for the club’s ideology, he showcases tactical flexibility, adaptability and has always trusted his own beliefs. Therefore, I genuinely see nothing that would push Laporta towards the decision that he took.

We are going through a weird phase. First the Super League, then the internal war between Laporta and Koeman and his representatives, then the Wijnaldum saga and now this? If Joan Laporta doesn’t present a valid reason why Pimienta would leave, then there’s definitely something absurd going on.

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