Reactions : Juventus Humiliates FC Barcelona 0-3 at home

juventus trash barcelona

I don’t even know where to begin. This was yet another massive humiliation in the Champions League. Koeman didn’t even wait for the Champions League knockout stages to get destroyed. Why even go compete in the knockout stages anyway? Just go down the Europa League where there’s a fighting chance to win the competition. Pirlo has twenty matches of experience as a coach! However, he outclassed Koeman who’s been coaching for twenty years. The rival of Barcelona, Juventus are a team that couldn’t beat Crotone and Benevento. Furthermore, they have struggled in Italy this season and haven’t played well in over half a year.

The penalty that Cristiano converted was a disgrace. VAR didn’t even review it properly or it was never going to be given. The second one was clear, Lenglet with a stupid schoolboy error.

Having Cristiano scoring a brace by doing nothing at the Camp Nou while Messi was the best on pitch for Barcelona is maddening. The Argentinian was one of the few players that showed up, a shame that his finishing accuracy still is poor this season… No way he stays beyond January.

Messi having a fantastic match and Cristiano will grab the headlines by scoring two penalties. Therefore, here’s their “rivalry” in a nutshell. This is heartbreaking, and it’s been beyond awful…

Yet another humiliation. 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and we didn’t even had to wait for 2021 to see Barcelona humiliated in Europe again – this time vs Juventus.

Bayern, Liverpool, BVB, PSG Manchester City, Chelsea… Of Barcelona’s possible opponents in the knockout rounds. Therefore only one wouldn’t spell immediate disaster are Shakhtar or Gladbach… who both caused big problems to Real Madrid.

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