Is Clement Lenglet good enough for Barcelona?

Is Clement Lenglet good enough for Barcelona?

I like the guy a lot. Most of the time he is reliable. He’s humble and hardworking. At the time when he needed to replace Umtiti he did very well and we are thankful for that.

When I’m watching Umtiti or Todibo it’s always exciting and “satisfying”. They have a unique style of playing. Todibo basically plays like a midfielder, dribbles like a midfielder and he’s confident and still very young and has place to improve.

I don’t think I have to say much about Umtiti. When he’s 100% he’s one of the best if not the best CB in the world. He can always surprise us in a good way.

At the other hand, In my opinion Lenglet reached his highest level. Yes I know he’s still young but I don’t think he can give us much more. He’s a good and likable guy and fantastic footballer but there’s nothing special and unique about him.

The Piqué-Umtiti duo was one of the best defense in this decade, no doubt. I would like to see that Todibo take Piqué’s place in the close future. I’m not saying that we should sell Lenglet but he shouldn’t be our future CB.

Umtiti is better than him and I don’t care that he’s not 100%.

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