Phase one of Mocio2020 Is DONE! Now what?

Phase one of Mocio2020 Is DONE! Now what?
In the next few hours, the Mocio2020 guys will collect the signatures and take them to the offices of FC Barcelona. Recent reports suggest that they already passed the 16,500 signatures that were needed in order to advance. Now what? Let’s see.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone in this amazing motion that looked impossible just few days ago. However, they did the unthinkable, and already collected the largest amount of signatures ever. They collected TWICE the amount of signatures compared to the vote of no confidence of 2008.

The ballots should close everything by around 15:00. But the story doesn’t end there, as we move to the next phase. First of all, the Mocio2020 organizers will collect all the signatures and will take them to the offices. They should hand the signatures to the Socios department by 18:00.

Therefore, the club will check the signatures by hand, and check that all of them are valid. For example, in the motion of 2008 about 500 votes were invalid. That’s why it’s so important to reach the highest amount of signatures possible. This procedure should take less than 10 days to finish.

Phase 2 of Mocio 2020: The vote of no confidence

After the offices will approve that the motion reached the proper amount of signatures, we move forward. But unless the board decides to leave, it’s not over yet. The next phase will be the vote of no confidence itself. However, this is the tougher phase, so tough that no one achieved it ever.

Given that the office will collect the 16,500 VALID signatures, the board will have to schedule a vote of no confidence. Moreover, this vote should take immediately, in 10-20 days. But we’re in Covid-19 times, so it might take a little more time.

In order to succeed in the vote of no confidence, they need a win by a majority of 2/3. That means 66% of the voters. Who can vote? All Socios that can vote in the elections. When you take into account the media power and the Rosell-Bartomeu-Nunez Lobby in Barcelona, it will be very tough. But the Mocio2020 already proved that they can achieve great things.

Still not over

In 2008, the vote of no confidence against Laporta almost did it. 38,751 people voted, and 23,871 Rosell supporters voted against the president. That’s 60.6% of the votes. 1000 votes more would prevent the birth of the Pep team.

It’s still early to celebrate, but the Mocio2020 did an amazing thing. In the past, most of the signatures were collected in home matches in the Camp nou. It’s always easier to collect signatures in a big event with 100k fans. However, in the current pandemic time, with no big events, it’s quite remarkable.

The next move it to actually win the vote of no confidence. It won’t be easy. Yesterday, Presidential candidate Jordi Farre said that Bartomeu would resign after they will hand the signatures. Although the number of signatures succeed every former motion, I can’t see it happen. It won’t happen because Bartomeu right now has to buy time and save himself from an obligation to pay his own money to cover the club’s losses. That’s why the club doesn’t sign anyone, and considers loaning players.

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