Report : Is England the next destination for Philippe Coutinho?

Philippe Coutinho has been offered to Arsenal and Newcastle. The club assumes that he won’t continue in Barça. Arsenal and Newcastle will take decision after the season. Barça have told his agent to find a team per @brunoandrd@IgnasiOliva@charles_watts@GoalBR@goal.

Arsenal will not make a multi-million dollar decision regarding Coutinho. At until it knows if it is finally playing in a European competition.

In case of Arsenal, the good relationship between Coutinho’s agent and Edu Gaspar can facilitate the negotiation. Moreover, there’s an option of a one-season loan (with option to buy). For now, both teams won’t make any decisions before the EPL ends.

To move forward with any business, including the arrival of a new coach, Newcastle are still waiting for confirmation of the sale for about £300 million to the Public Investment Fund (PIF), led by Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The club needs money fast

Barcelona have offered Philippe Coutinho to Arsenal and Newcastle. That’s part of an ongoing bid to free up squad space and funds. That would allow them to launch a raid on Inter for Lautaro Martinez.

@moillorens advanced this somedays ago. And also @AlexisBernard10 advanced about Arsenal regarding Coutinho.

Philippe Coutinho himself will not decide his next destination until the UCL ends in August. Today, the only certainty is that Premier League is a priority for Philippe Coutinho as per @RogerTorello.

All the EPL clubs that have shown interest in Philippe Coutinho ( Chelsea, United, Newcastle, Tottenham and Arsenal ), also know about the financial needs of Barça and will rush until the last moment to take the plunge.

In fact, except for wild competition for Coutinho , everyone will look for loan, something that Barça does not contemplate today. Barça want to recover at least €80m for the midfielder.

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